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Privacy Policy

- What information do you collect through Shopify’s APIs?

We use Shopify API in order to gather data about store products, orders and fulfillments in order to assist our customers (stores using the application) with detailed statistics and information about the orders and delivery processes.

- What information do you collect directly from the merchant? For example, do you ask them for contact details? Do you generate automated logs relating to their use of your app?

We do not collect any information directly from the merchant.

- What information do you collect directly from merchants’ customers? For example, do you drop cookies or use other tracking technologies on their devices? Do you log information relating to how customers visit or navigate particular stores?

We do not collect any information directly from merchants’ customers.

- How do you use the information you collect? Do you use this information for any purposes aside from providing your app’s services?

The information we receive from Shopify is used exclusively to assist users of our application and is not employed for any other purposes.

- For how long do you store or retain the data you collect?

The data we collect is retained for as long as the merchant is using our application.

- Are you established in Europe? Are you storing or processing information outside of Europe?

Both our company and the data centers we are using are established in Europe.

- How can merchants contact you if they have additional questions? Note that some jurisdictions require that you also include a physical address.

The merchants can contact us at:

Our office is located at:

Liechtensteinstraße 111-115
1090 Vienna

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