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IPDex Setup Instructions

We're excited to welcome you here! If you are interested in our application IPDex, the following are detailed instructions concerning the application setup and creation of a custom countdown timer on your product pages.

Select "Online Store" from side navigation

In the admin panel of your store, select the "Online Store" from Sales Channels section of the side navigation.

Admin panel selection box around the Online Store link

Press the "Customize" button

Press the green "Customize" button on your current theme.

Select "Products" from the top dropdown

In the theme customization panel, select the "Products" section from the dropdown on the top of the page.


Hover and press the "+" sign on the page

When you hover over areas of the page, you can press the "+" sign on the area where you want to place the plugin.

Press the "Add block" button

Press the "Add block" button appearing when you hover over the "+" sign.


Select "IPDex Delivery Rates" app from the list

In the list that is now displayed, scroll down to and select the "IPDex Delivery Rates" app.

App embed will be displayed in the selected location

The app block should appear in the selected location after a moment of waiting. You can now press the "Save" button in the top right corner of the screen and check the product page.

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